About Us

JEROS offer a broad product range including dish washers, utensil washers, conveyor tunnel washers, and crate washers all constructed in modules making them very suitable for customization.

Today, JEROS is a modern, solution-orientated manufacturing company with a high degree of flexibility thus being well-prepared for future demands in the production of qualitative and functional solutions. JEROS relies on a team of innovative employees who with their individual skills and know-how contribute to ensure future development.


Utensil Washers

More than just a utensil washer

Tray Cleaners

Cleans and greases 100 trays in 6-8 minutes

Crate Washers

A rational and efficient one-man-machine


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JEROS UK Limited are a UK company with more than 50 year's of experience and know-how in manufacturing of dish washers, utensil washer, crate washers, tunnel machines and tray cleaners for the food industry, as well as the retail branch; bakeries, confectioners, butchers, hotel- & restaurant, fast food, industrial kitchens etc.

JEROS UK Limited is an advanced company characterized by focussing on solutions and high quality, a wide range of products and customized solutions.